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About Gorani Industries Limited

Our company’s primary focus has always been innovation and deployment of new designs and technology to improve the production value and quality of our products along with the experience for the customers while continuing to raise the bar on product quality. And in doing so our company has single-handedly changed the way people look at kitchen appliances. This allows us to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry in the field of appliances. By introducing the most advanced as well as efficient industry-leading appliances that steer clear from the ‘one size fits all concept, our company gives the customers a comprehensive and wide range of products to choose from. Our products are not just technologically advanced but are also the answer to the latest needs and trends of the ever-changing market. With innovative as well as versatile products, our company has been working tirelessly towards transforming the future of appliance manufacturing and paving the way for an unforgettable legacy not just for the customers but for the home appliances industry as well. We at Gorani Industries Ltd. strongly believe in effectively contributing to a more sustainable future and we will continue to produce dependable products.

Mission And Vision

We work tirelessly to inspire happiness in the everyday life of our customers and make the experience of being and working in a kitchen enjoyable through our energy-efficient, low maintenance, versatile products in bold designs. We as an evolutionary brand firmly believe that cooking should not be a chore but a holistic experience modelled on fulfilment and contentment and aim to help our customers realize the same. Our commitment to safety, sustainability and standing out with cutting-edge innovations will pave the way to becoming essential to our customers by providing a well-designed wide range of products and hassle-free services to help them live an experience like no other. We intend to provide our customers with the best shopping experience from beginning to end. Our mission is to manufacture the best and the most high-quality products as well as revolutionize the kitchen experience for as many people as possible.

Our Products

Kitchen Chimneys

Our impressive range of modular kitchen chimneys set industrial standards across efficiency, performance and ease of maintenance. We manufacture a wide range of chimneys that are pocket friendly in its class and rich with features that no other manufactures deliver in the price range.

Kitchen Chimneys

Gas Hobs

As the manufacturers of one of the most modern and elegant gas hobs We believe in Innovative Technology, Energy efficiency, Excellent After Sales services, and complete customer satisfaction, and to top it all, we offer these features of our business at budget-friendly prices as the most trusted brand of best built-in hobs in India.

Gas Hobs

Gas Stoves

We are one of the leading manufactures of Gas Stoves in India, with all the gas stoves build with precision and high quality material there is almost zero wastage of fuel and all our stoves perform on a high blue flame giving our customers the value for money they deserve.

Gas Stoves

Gas Gysers

Being the first company in India to get ISI certifications for gas geysers we at Gornai Industries Limited are the pioneers for manufacturing of high quality gas geysers. No other brand comes close to the quality and efficiency that our gas geysers can produce. And its not just the build quality our gas geysers are one most modern and stylish geysers making them a perfect match of quality and beauty.

Gas Gysers

Our Directors

Sanjay Gorani

The visionary leader who laid the foundation of Gorani Industries Ltd. in 1996 along with his brother Mr. Narendra Gorani, is the driving force of where Gorani Industries Ltd. has reached today. From getting the first ever ISI certificate for Gas Geysers, to becoming the leading manufactures of Gas stoves and Gas Geysers, it was Mr Sanjay Gorani’s innovative thinking and modern approach to design and research that paved the path to success for Gorani Industries Ltd. Even before the foundation of Gorani Industries Ltd. Sanjay Gorani joined Super Steel which was one of the leading manufacturers of Nutan Kerosene Wick Stove and took that business to newer heights. After embarking on his knowledge and experience of 30 years Mr. Sanjay Gornai put all his focus on developing new technologies and products that will help in revolutionising the Kitchen Appliance Industry.

Nakul Gorani

The next generation leader of Gorani Industries Ltd., Mr Nakul Gorani brings the modern way of thinking on the table. With a degree in engineering Mr Nakul Gorani with help of his knowledge and education has developed new, cost effective and high efficiency manufacturing techniques and machinery. With that the production capacity of Gornai Industries has grown many folds. Mr Nakul Gorani is also playing a vital role in diversifying the product range for Gorani Industries Ltd.. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry Nakul Gorani is crafting new dimension for Gorani Industries Ltd.

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At Gorani Industries, we dare to dream, design and deliver like no other.

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